We have offices in Bintan (Indonesia), Singapore, Sydney and Hong Kong. They all operate on a part-time basis. As such email or initial contact via our Enquiry/Booking Form is our preferred means of communication.

Please ensure that you have thoroughly read our FAQs before submitting an enquiry using our Enquiry Form. We regret that we are unable to answer queries already covered on this website.

Please have a look at our Available Dates before a Booking Enquiry. Tentative/Multiple bookings are fine but best explain your order of preference, deadlines etc

You should receive an email almost immediately acknowledging your enquiry and a personal response via email within 2 working days. If neither of these emails is received, we suggest that you resubmit your enquiry. If a second attempt also appears to fail, please contact us directly by email.

We would prefer you to contact us via the form mentioned above. If necessary you can contact us using:
direct.enquiry[please replace everything between and including the square brackets with the AT symbol]pangkil.com
but please note that this address will change from time-to-time to avoid the spammers. So please check back here for the latest email address.

If you’re having trouble with your bank or our bank, you might want to let Sebastian, our Singapore Service Manager know. His contact details are on the Deposits Page.

Group Organizers - once we have received your deposit and your booking has been confirmed, you will probably not hear from us until a week or two before your trip. You will need to fill out the Final Details Form when you have your group numbers and ferry times sorted out.

The information you provide in this form will automatically be routed to a number of our staff members.

Most groups manage to make it to Pangkil and back without ever speaking to us by phone. You may want/need to touch base with our staff directly, particularly if you have not had an email response close to your date of departure:

Singapore Marketing & Sales Office
For all urgent enquiries and matters until a day or two before your trip contact:
Calm Cove Pte Ltd, our Marketing & Sales arm in Singapore
Phone: ALL initial contact with Pangkil MUST be via the ENQUIRY form (see the link at the top of this page OR visit the RESERVATIONS section). Our number will be given out if necessary.

Logistics & Transport
If there are problems on the day of your departure (someone in your group missed the ferry, the ferry was cancelled etc), then Dedy is the best person to call:
Dedy Goh - Bintan Operations Manager
Phone: +62 812 700 6756 (mobile - 10 digits for this network)

The time on Bintan is GMT+7. Please be aware that the mobile phone coverage on Bintan (and Pangkil) is patchy and you may have to try several times. For similar reasons we also suggest that you don't leave voice mail messages but rather phone several times or SMS.

The Island
If you need to contact a guest on the island or shortly before arriving need to tell us about a food allergy that you forgot to mention earlier etc, then contact:
Fitri - Island Manager
Phone: +62 813 6451 6051 (mobile - 11 digits for this network)

If all else fails, please try:
Hendra Suhadi - General Manager
Phone: +62 811 705 276 (mobile - 9 digits for this network) or +62 771 21977 (home)



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