The charming pool amazes all who see it. Hand-built over a period of two years, it lies amongst a number of natural boulders. It is situated in the northern end of the island next to a small beach and is accessible only through a ‘Zen-like’ tunnel.

The long wooden table is ideal for lunch or dinner should you choose to dine at this end of the island. There is a Pool House overlooking the pool which is often used for massages. It is also a great spot for reading, ocean sight-seeing and relaxing. There are blinds, a fan and mosquito nets for the double bed, so it is often used for overnight accommodation as well. A bathroom and shower complete the area. Please do not let your children swim there, or anywhere else, unsupervised.

Corporate groups normally use the Pool House as a function room for formal meetings. It is probably one of the most reserved and relaxing enclosure in the island.

The pool area is well lit and is a popular venue for the ‘let’s stay up all night and watch the sun rise’ set. It is also a great place for a full moon dinner. Our staff keep the cold storage always replenished with drinks. There is an intercom connected to the kitchen.