Pangkil Island is – despite its relatively close proximity to Singapore - in Indonesia. We will offer you as much help as time and resources permit, but it is the responsibility of the group organiser and/or individual guests to get themselves to Bintan (a big Indonesian island near Singapore) and through Immigration (ie you will probably need a Visa). 


Though we highly recommend guests to arrive in Bintan, it is also possible to arrive from Batam (another Indonesian island with an international airport) or even by ferry from some parts of southern Malaysia. 

After finalizing your reservation booking and receiving your deposit, our reservation team will tell you which ferry timings to book from Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal in Singapore (10 minutes from Changi Airport) to Bandar Bentan Telani Ferry Terminal (BBT) in Northern Bintan, Indonesia. After reserved the ferries please send us the itinerary for confirmation. You will visit the BRF ticket counter at Tanah Merry Ferry Terminal in Singapore to receive your tickets. Please arrive at least one hour early and allow more time on holidays. Please visit their website www.brf.com.sg for more details.


All ferries depart from the Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal (TMFT) which is near Changi Airport. DO NOT go to the World Trade Centre. DO NOT go to the Changi Ferry Terminal (which is close to TMFT, but has ferries to Malaysia). It is advisable to be at the TMFT at least one hour before departure.

From or within Singapore, the directions to get to TMFT are as follows: Leave the ECP (the main highway) at Exit 2A. Follow the Changi Coast Road past the SAFRA Golf Course. Turn right into the Tanah Merah Ferry Road, just after the SAFRA Country Club.

After the ferry ride from Singapore, we will meet you at BBT terminal. You will be approached by our staff/driver we arranged for you. You will then be escorted via land trip to our private jetty called Pama. 

Approximate journey times are as follows:

Leaving Pulau Pangkil
LEG VIA BBT Northern Bintan
BUS OR CAR 1 ½ hours
PANGKIL LAUNCH 15 Mins to ½ Hour
DEPARTING PANGKIL 3 Hours before ferry departure time

The total travel time from Singapore to Pangkil is approximately 3 hours. Please note that the return trip from Pangkil can take a little longer as we have to provide some buffer time to ensure that you do not miss your public ferry going back to Singapore. We highly advise to leave Pangkil at least 3 hours before the departure time of your ferry.


Indonesia (at least Bintan, Batam & Pangkil) is 1 hour behind Singapore. This region is GMT+7. Singapore is GMT+8. As such, all ferry departure times from Bintan will be quoted in local time by the ferry companies. So for example:

  • If you leave TMFT (Singapore) for Bintan at 09:10 (GMT +8), you will arrive at around 09:10 local time (GMT +7).
  • If you leave Bintan for TMFT at 14:35 (GMT +7), you will arrive in Singapore at about 16:35 SG time (GMT +8).

If you have more questions, you may find your answer at the FAQ page.