* Excursion trip is available only for long stay groups

Our rubber speedboat, fibreglass speedboat or the launch may be ‘commandeered’ for excursions to neighbouring islands, many of which we own. Journey times vary with the weather conditions and may require a full day for the more distant destinations.

‘Big Pangkil’ is our closest neighbour. Guests have swum, sailed or kayaked the 2km (one-way) journey before but we strongly recommend that this is done only after informing the staff and having the rubber speedboat on standby. This is a private, mostly deserted, island which was mined for sand. The far-side is still largely intact and well worth a slow circumnavigation to view the mangroves. There is a walk along the north shore which has some huge trees and lots of mosquitos.

We thoroughly recommend that you start with a picnic to Pulau Murbai, which is about 30 minutes away.

We have started building a resort on this stunning island. It has its own website:
Suka can be seen from Pangkil on a clear day.

Binyoso is actually two small islands joined by a sandbar and well worth a visit. It is planned to be Suka’s ‘picnic island’ as they are fairly close. It is possible to visit Binyoso from Pangkil for a picnic, if the sea is calm and the speedboat can be used, but it will be a tiring day !

Lina lies in a body of water well-sheltered by larger islands. We have long-term plans to build accommodation on Lina. The small beach faces west and is ideal for a late afternoon visit.

Mapur is well known to the diving fraternity. It is the biggest ‘offshore’ island in the Bintan group. Parts of Mapur can be seen from Pangkil. We are familiar with the best beaches on Mapur. It is a very long day trip – but really worthwhile.



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