To many, this is the most important part of the trip. The bar at the Main House is simply the best place for a party in South East Asia if not the world. Toes in the sand, big sound system and no neighbours. It's serve yourself and at the end of your visit, we will total up how many cans, bottles and centimetres of liquor have been consumed and include this in the final invoice. The Pool is fully stocked as well.

We use a trusted Indonesian brand of bottled water. It is complimentary.

Anytime, anywhere. It is also complimentary.

We stock some of the basic juices (orange and apple) and others seasonally. These are available at breakfast without charge and throughout the day upon request from the kitchen.

We stock the usual canned drinks including coke, sprite, 100 Plus, tonic water and soda water and many more. These are 25,000 IDR per can (approx. 2.70 SGD).

We have never been known to run out! 

Tiger, Bintang, Heineken & Carlsberg are priced at 40,000 IDR per can (approx. 4.30 SGD), while Corona costs 50,000 IDR per bottle (approx. 5.30 SGD) 

We have a small wine fridge in the island. Please ask our Operations Manager for our wine list one week before your trip. Our wines range from 370,000 IDR to 600,000 IDR per bottle (approx 37-60 SGD).

We have a blender on the bar and a good selection of spirits. We charge 40,000 IDR per cm (approx 4 SGD) in the bottle that is.

We charge 150,000 IDR for each bottle of wine (approx 15 SGD) and 250,000 IDR for each bottle of spirits (approx 25 SGD) brought to the island by guests. We do not allow soft drinks & beer to be brought to Pangkil.