As your eyes are being satisfied by the beautiful sights in the island, we will keep your stomachs full with our sumptuous dining delights! Three meals a day are included*. Our menu manages to cater to everyone’s palate. Guests may choose where and when they prefer to dine.

We normally serve Western and Indonesian-style dishes. These include grilled or barbequed fish, stuffed squid, prawn, beef and chicken as well as curries of all kinds. There are side dishes which include fresh garden salads, pasta salads, boiled/steamed leafy greens and grilled aubergine/egg plant (an island favourite). We also serve some specialties like prawn and tofu kebabs and satay sticks. Everybody loves our home-made salad-dressing as well as our home-made bread. We serve fresh fruits, mango sticky rice, sago, and home-made cakes for dessert.

I thought the food was great. There was plenty and it was always of a high standard. The really frightening thing was that it was also healthy!
— George Adam
I really loved the food so much. We had really delicious healthy salads every day and I kept saying, “how come they can get it right on this little remote island but not in Singapore?”
— Pamela Fahey

Special requests, preferences and diets are welcomed. We can increase or decrease the spicy-ness of the food according to your tolerance. For infants who may need sterilized bottles and freshly prepared baby food, parents are welcome to work directly with our kitchen staff. If you wish, you are also welcome to bring your own food and store it in our fridge for preparation under your directions. Pop into the kitchen anytime!

Breakfast is served at the Main House from dawn until 10am. The chili omelettes and pancakes are a must-try! The freshly baked bread is also one of a kind.

Lunch by the pool is a marvellous option.

Make Pulau Pangkil the food lovers paradise with a candle-lit dinner by the pool, followed by coffee and drinks around a beach bonfire!

Please ask the staff whenever you are hungry. We serve banana fritters, nuts, fruits, cakes, cinnamon rolls, Indonesian prawn crackers and more.

We don’t serve shellfish (clams, oysters etc) on the island. We use olive oil for most of the cooking. We also cater to vegetarians and guests with food allergies. We request for at least 48-hour notice for any special meal requirements.

Some ingredients are simply not available in Bintan so sometimes guests bring frozen turkeys + all the rest to the island for a traditional Christmas or Thanksgiving meal.

You are welcome to put your own food in our fridge. We do not have a shop in the island. If you are going to crave chocolates or marshmallows, for example, you’ll have to bring your own. But with the abundance of delectable food that we’re serving you, you’re unlikely to be hungry at any time.