The information herein covers both Pangkil Island AND its newer sister, Joyo Island. Please bookmark this page if you haven't already. You will need it for the remittance of a deposit to secure either Pangkil or Joyo islands. You will also need to transfer the balance of the accommodation costs using the information below. The balance will need to clear one week before your trip. There are a number of ways of transferring funds (in a rough order of preference):

  1. A Singapore-dollar (SGD) denominated cheque (probably the simplest method)
  2. Mail Order Credit card processing (Charge your credit card from our machine)
  3. SGD cash, handed personally to our Singapore Service Manager
  4. A cash cheque deposited directly into our bank account (if in Singapore)*
  5. An international bank (telegraphic) transfer
  6. An internet transfer (if in Singapore)*

* Please note that these methods can be difficult for us to trace, so you will need to follow the instructions below exactly or risk losing your deposit.

Please also note the following:

  • We are able to charge your credit card from island with our edc machine. Please ask for more details
  • The balance of the accommodation costs need to be settled in Singapore, 1 week before the day of departure
  • Ancillary charges (eg drinks bills) must be settled on the island in SGD cash. We may allow long-term regulars, with prior approval, to pay with a single SGD cheque (which then has to make its way back to Singapore).
  • Some groups transfer a 'kitty' to us in Singapore which shows up as a credit on the island. This minimises having to cart SGD cash to the island to pay for drinks, massages, departure taxes and ferry tickets from Bintan to Singapore (if we've had to book them for you)

We will need you to secure the booking with a deposit as soon as is practicable, but generally within 48 hours. If we do not receive a deposit you run the risk of having another group bag your preferred dates. The deposit is SGD$2,500 for Pangkil Island. The deposit is S$3,000 for Joyo Island.

We reserve the right to not refund the deposit under any circumstances. We generally do refund deposits under the conditions explained here.

Banks (well ours at least) are not as efficient as they should be when it comes to providing real-time information on transfers. Communication is important. Please scan your ITT Form or Deposit Slips, or 'screen-dump' your internet interface, and email us the image file, on the same day as your transaction, so that we can ensure we hold the island for you.

Please make out a cheque in favour of
“EAS Maritime Agencies Pte Ltd” and:
On the back of the cheque please print:

  • “Deposit for Pangkil [arrival date]/[departure date]”
  • The Group Organizer’s name (often different from the Cheque Account Holder’s name)
  • Phone Numbers (two of: Mobile; Home; Office) & Email Address(es) for the Cheque Account Holder (and for the Group Organizer if a different person)
  • Include a name card if possible
  • Post the cheque to our Singapore Service Manager, Mr Sebastian Lee (details at the bottom of this document)

Our local bank require you to provide us :

  • Scanned of passport (Credit card holder)
  • Scanned of credit card both sides
  • Complete bank authorization form sign by the credit card holder

For Telegraphic Transfers, we'd be grateful if you could remit the nett amount, ie absorb the bank/transaction charges on both ends of the transaction. Our bank charges are usually SGD20, however you do not need to know that. Simply tick the ‘Applicant’ and ‘Beneficiary’ (or similar) boxes on the ITT form. If you forget to do this, then you can ‘top up’ the amount at a later stage. The bank details below have been used around the world and are all you’ll need. Push your bank hard if they claim they need additional information – they don’t.

Please note that the information on this page is correct and has been used hundreds of times. There is no need to email us and ask us if it is correct. Please note that some funds don't make it to us. Common errors include trying to add the Branch Code to the front of the Account Number. If the Branch Code is needed at all it will be a separate field (of the online or paper form). Some online interfaces may need you to strip the dashes (hyphens) from our account number otherwise the last few digits will be truncated and hence the transfer will bounce. Make sure all 10 digits of our Account Number are entered. Please scan the deposit slip, ITT documentation or 'screen-dump' the online interface and send to Sebastian when you think a transfer is underway

Bank Details - International Transfers
The details below are sufficient for all International Transfers (ie from counties other than Singapore, to Singapore). If you're manually filling in a paper TT form to be faxed or presented to your bank, we suggest a) that you have someone else check the numbers you have transcribed before presenting the form and b) that you attach a print-out of this page.

Bank Name: Standard Chartered Bank (Singapore) Ltd
Bank Address: 6 Battery Road; Singapore 049909
Bank Branch: Battery Road Branch
Beneficiary (Account Name): EAS Maritime Agencies Pte Ltd (MUST be mentioned on TT application)
Account Number: 1610006787 (MUST be mentioned on TT application)
Account Type: Singapore Dollar (SGD) Account

Please inform us on the day you transfer funds via the internet or drop cash into our account. Some banks in Singapore in their infinite wisdom limit internet transfers to SGD1,000 per day. IT IS FINE TO TRANSFER FUNDS TO US IN TWO STAGES. Let us know at the END of the process that this has been done. For cash drops into the account please also obtain prior permission from Sebastian. The following simple tracking system is crude but effective. You need to use this otherwise you run the risk of losing your deposit, particularly with cash drops as we have no way of verifying who deposits what.

Bank Details - Local (Singapore-based) Transfers
The details below are sufficient for all Inter-bank or Internet Transfers or Cash Cheque drops in Singapore. Please contact Sebastian if you'd like to arrange to drop a cash deposit at our office (cash deposits into our bank account are untraceable so please do not do this without prior approval)

Bank Name: Standard Chartered Bank (Singapore) Ltd
Branch Code: 016 (Robinson Road Branch)
Account Number: 1610006787
Account Type: Singapore Dollar (SGD) Account
Beneficiary (Account Name): EAS Maritime Agencies Pte Ltd
Bank Code: 7144 (if needed)

Sebastian can be contacted as follows:

Post & Street (Office) Address:
EAS Maritime Agencies Pte Ltd
Attention: Mr Sebastian Lee
Singapore Service Manager
3791 Jalan Bukit Merah #05-07
E-Centre @ Redhill
Singapore 159471

Phone: +65 6535 1088
Fax: +65 6532 3883

Our Finance Office will contact you by email when the funds have been received (and cleared).



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