Our Bookings Calendar is updated every time we receive a deposit. It may not always show a tentative booking, ie where we've received a booking but not a deposit. We generally only hold bookings for 48 hours without a deposit so you need to be quick! Please make sure you've checked the Booking Calendar before requesting specific dates. The colour-code for the calendar is: Orange - Confirmed Booking (we've received a deposit); Purple - Provisional Booking (usually only shown for regular guests or if we're convinced a deposit is on the way); Blue - Public Holidays and Notes (particularly where the rates differ from standard weekends).

The Bookings Calendar is somewhat 'granular' - ie a weekend booking will show all of Friday, Saturday and Sunday as being booked. To make the last ferry on a weekend, guests will usually have to leave the island by 4:00pm. It is therefore possible to book a Sunday night (check-in is after 5:00pm local time) and Sunday nights are generally priced at our weekday rates. In short it is possible to check-in on the evening of the last day shown in Orange. Confirmed bookings almost never fall over. We might have one cancellation a year, if that. So if you're after a particularly significant date and it is taken, we don't recommend asking to be notified of a cancellation as you will be disappointed. We can however suggest that you consider our other island, Pulau Joyo.