Many of the best fitness campaigns on Pangkil have been known to founder in favour of the number one activity which is …

This is without a doubt the primary activity on Pangkil and includes the categories of Sleeping (there are hammocks everywhere), Sun Bathing (choose your beach), Slounging (classy Indonesian furniture is scattered at both ends of the island), Dozing and Reading.
Warning: You may have to walk the entire length of the island for a meal. We recommend that you amble. This takes about 10 minutes !

We have music systems at both ends of the island. We have a limited collection of CDs so we suggest you bring your own. Some groups have managed to plug iPods/MP3 players into the music systems with success.

We have internet connection (Wireless) on island. It is free of charge and almost whole island covered except pool area. Please ask for Island manager assistance.

We have a swimming pontoon in the sea in front of the Main House. The fresh-water pool is so awesome that it has a page of its own.

We have a pool table under the big house. It is free of charge. Please look after them well during and after play.

We have a projector + screen on island. It can be used for meeting or cinema paradiso for adults or kids. Please seek assistance from Island Manager.

These include:

  • Volleyball
  • Boules
  • Sailing – we have four Lasers (dinghies)
  • Kayaking – we have 6 new sea kayaks and a few older ones for beginners
  • Snorkelling (about 10 sets of equipment)
  • Jogging (the jungle tracks are perfect for this)

A masseuse is available, but we need to bring her from Bintan. If you would like a massage on the day you arrive, please let us know in advance. For next-day massages, simply let our staff know when you first meet them in Bintan and this will be arranged. Massages cost S$30 for 60 minutes.
Warning: These are deep muscle massages !

Fishing trips can be arranged with a day’s notice. Generally this is Indonesian-style fishing where the boat crew will show you how to bait a hook which is then hung over the side of the launch. We have a few fishing rods but suggest that serious fisher folk bring their own. Our staff will arrange bait on short notice. For those intending to fish pretty much full-time, please give us at least 48-hours notice and we can arrange a large amount of bait. We also ask that you don’t fish off the island. These fish are for looking at not eating !

The fee is $10 per adult and S$5 per child.
We require a minimum of 5paxs to make this happen.

We are not generally able to provide a television for guests.



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