Many of the best fitness campaigns in Pangkil have been known to founder in favour of the number one activity which is…

This is without a doubt the primary activity on Pangkil and includes resting (there are hammocks everywhere), Sun Bathing (choose your beach), lounging (there are benches everywhere), soundtripping, sleeping and reading.

These include:

  • Volleyball
  • Boules
  • Sailing – we have four Lasers (dinghies)
  • Kayaking – we have 6 new sea kayaks and a few older ones for beginners
  • Snorkelling (about 10 sets of equipment)
  • Jogging (the jungle tracks are perfect for this)
  • Stand Up Paddle


  • Table Tennis
  • Board games
  • Pool Table
  • Movie Screening
  • Lounging (with music)

 Fishing trips, away from the island, can be arranged with a few days notice. This is Indonesian-style fishing where the crew will show you how to hook a bait which is hung over the side of the launch. We have a few fishing rods but we also encourage fishing enthusiasts to bring their own. For those intending to fish for a longer time, please give us at least 48-hour notice so we can arrange a large amount of bait.

The fee is 200,000 IDR per adult (approx 20 SGD) and children are free of charge. We require a minimum of 6 adults for every fishing trip.


*Picnics are available only for bookings with aminimum of 4-night stay

Our speedboats or launch may be used for picnics on nearby islands or sunset-cruises. Journey times will depend on the destination - a trip to the more distant islands may require a full day. This costs 2,000,000 IDR for a maximum of four people (approx 200 SGD).

‘Big Pangkil’ is our closest neighbour. This is a private, mostly deserted, island which was mined for sand. The far-side is still intact and well worth a tour around to view the mangroves. There is a nature trail along the north shore which has some huge shady trees. There is a small village on the North end and a good walk along the Eastern coast. Nice trees and mangroves. Best to wear proper walking clothes-no flip-flops. The interior has been devastated by mining for sand.

Our best picnic island. Deserted and tiny. Good snorkeling but beware of the very strong tidal flows.

Another lovely little island - really two islands joined by a beach. A bit far from Pangkil but good for Joyo.

Lina lies in a body of water protected by larger islands. To date, we have long-term plans to build accommodation in this island. The small beach faces west and is ideal for a late afternoon visit. Again - better accessed from Joyo. Good sunset beach and sheltered.

Mapur is well known to the diving community. It is the biggest ‘offshore’ island in the Bintan group. Parts of Mapur can be seen from Pangkil. We are familiar with the best beaches there and have long-term plans for Songsing which is two k long and Bamboo Bay. A day trip.